About Us:

At Ferfolia Insurance & Investment Inc, we place our clients’ needs first. As Brokers, we are not limited to representation of just one company, thereby allowing us to offer our customers unbiased recommendations. Providing accurate and complete information to our clients is a priority. Our ultimate objective is to make our customers feel comfortable.

We feel it is important to cultivate long-term relationships with our customers and not just sell specific products. As professionals, we understand that the customer’s trust is at the heart of the financial planning relationship. Our goal is to earn that trust by maintaining our competence, integrity and objectivity and to act first and foremost in our customer’s best interests.


Life Insurance                                     Group Insurance
Disability Insurance                         Group Pensions
Critical Illness Insurance               Segregated Funds
Travel Insurance                                Annuities
Individual Health & Dental           GIC & Term Deposit Shopping

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